1. Will QIKCOVER® fit my car?

QIKCOVER® is designed as a one size, universal fit for bucket seats.

2. My bucket seat doesn't have a headrest like you see on some jeeps and vans. Will it still work?

QIKCOVER® works on bucket seats with or without a separate headrest. And the nice thing about QIKCOVER® is that it is designed to be form fitting around the headrest and shoulder area, both for appearance and for safety, so it will not impair peripheral vision while driving. This is the best of both worlds. It's cool and safe.

3. I have an integrated seatbelt. Will this work with my vehicle?

Yes, QIKCOVER® has a removable strap design and will work with an integrated seatbelt as well as vehicles with side airbags.

4. Can I wash my QIKCOVER® in the washer and dry it in the dryer?

Absolutely! Yes, a thousand times, yes! QIKCOVER® was designed by outdoor enthusiasts who need gear to function as intended, be durable, convenient, and user friendly. Toss it in the washer then throw it in the dryer and let it roll!

5. How durable is QIKCOVER®?

QIKCOVER® is super durable and specifically designed for people who are naturally tough on gear. It has been tested many times over by outdoor enthusiasts who are extremely active daily users.

6. How often should I wash my QIKCOVER™?

As often as you like. For some people, this is several times a week. For others, several times a month. It depends on your activity level, amount of use, and personal tolerance.

7. I've heard other waterproof or washable seat protectors can block or impair vision. What are they talking about?

Yes, this is true. There are several alternative seat protector designs which fit around the vehicle seat much like a big trash bag, crappy old blanket, or gigantic canvas potato sack. They are not ergonomically designed to the vehicle seat headrest or vehicle seat body, and therefore these designs can impair the driver's vision when turning their head to change lanes. QIKCOVER® fits perfectly around the headrest allowing the driver full peripheral vision, creating the most pleasing and safest driving experience.